Earthling Society - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

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Earthling Society - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

We're very excited to be releasing the 2009 album by Earthling Society, Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, for the first time on vinyl. Fred Laird has remixed the album completely for a more stripped back darker sound.
Remastered by John MccBain of Monster Magnet/Wellwater Conspiracy fame.

Limited run of 250 copies on blue sky and cream vinyl.
First 50 come with bonus cd of the album with extra track.
Shipping early September.

Reviews from the original release:

Intense and layered space rock – Aural Innovations

EARTHLING SOCIETY are hard to predict by all means - therefore it's worth it to wait for every new album. They have reached high altitudes once again in 2009. Offering atmospheric spacey songs provided with a peculiar charm 'Sci-Fi Hi-Fi' is another entertaining piece of work which I can recommend without thought. – Prog Archives

Five albums in, Lancastrian spacerockers Earthling Society demonstrate their sureness of touch by easily moving from the gorgeous, hazy psychedelia of 2008’s Beauty & The Beast to this much darker tone, inspired by 60s America’s clandestine underbelly. This is the realm of Charles Manson, and the CIA’s chemical interrogation program MK-ULTRA, given a suitably lysergic spin that’s propelled by Fred Laird’s spacious and spacey guitar. Earthling Society made an impact as soon as their debut album, Albion, surfaced in 2005, attracting favourable commentary from Julian Cope, who’d heard their “underground music shot through with a genuinely psilocybin novelty”, while their tripped-out Krautrock sound made them natural Freak Zone fodder for Stuart Maconie. They’ve built on that early promise, assisted by their relationship with 4 Zero (a welcome space-dock for Here & Now and Alison Faith Levy, among others). Where Beauty & The Beast was a set of delicate songs, Sci-Fi Hi-Fi is seven sprawling head trips exploring inner space, while evoking remote universes. A Future Dream is elegantly Floyd-esque, with Laird’s hypnotic voice drawing its listeners inwards, The Lantern introspectively broods that “We’ve created God in the image of man”, while the album’s magnum opus, E.V.I.L.U.S.A, is 20 minutes of mind control. – Record Collector Magazine

Fans of freewheeling psychedelic spacerock should take note. Sci-Fi Hi-Fi is Earthling Society’s second release for the 4zero label, and their fifth release overall since their formation in January 2004. A four-piece of g/k/b/d, guitarist Fred Laird handles the vocal duties on the six long tracks herein. The disc launches with the swirling title epic that bears the influences of equal parts classic Hawkwind, early Gong, and any number of 70s German trippers. This gives way to an eleven-minute instrumental introspective piece that slowly builds into a haunting classic Düül-like miasma, bearing a simple repeating theme approached a number of different ways. As the album progresses the cuts tend to evolve into more open-ended song based forms, though still infused with an intense jammy lysergic ethic. When finally vocals return on “The Lantern” and “Future Dream,” the band seem to have assimilated some influences from Harvest-era Floyd, though still saturated with their trademark psilocybin-drenched dripping colorama. The 20 minute multi-part closing epic “E.V.I.L.U.S.A.” initially approaches the psychedelic landscape from a more garagey perspective, once again evoking some elements of the classic Düül sound. The lyrics sound like they are sung through a megaphone, so they’re pretty hard to understand. Don’t know what their beef with America is, but I’m pretty sure they’ll get over it. All taken, this is an excellent disc that every fan of contemporary spacerock should be hearing. – Exposé Online