Moon Rā S/T

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Moon Rā S/T

Weird Beard are very proud to announce the 2nd album from French psych rockers Moon Rā and their first offering on vinyl.
Strictly limited to 250 copies with the first 50 coming with a bonus CD of exclusive material, "this LP moves through the hallowed crypt of underground rock with an atmospheric set which fairly pings between the classic bands of the early 70s, post-punk earthiness and more than a side order of Kraut for good measure. All infused with a psych mentality that really drives the message home, this is an album that you need to really get involved with to fully appreciate. Do that and it'll repay you many times over" (Simon Smith - The Fragmented Flâneur).

Moon Rā are a 5-piece from Marseille but some of their members and their influences come from much farther away.
Mixing the rugged groove of stoner rock with interstellar journeys into space and echoes of the psychedelic 70s never far away, Moon Rā are on a journey into the sonic depths of Post-Psychedelia.

Listen to them, See them live, Travel with them.

Release date 15th November 2019, orders will ship on or before that date.