No Choice - And Still Some Cannot See

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No Choice - And Still Some Cannot See

First new material from Cardiff punk stalwarts No Choice since their 2012 LP Thru It.
If you like your punk tuneful & with a social/political commentary then you'll love this.

Words from Gagz:

No Choice bring out their fourth studio album 40 years after their first ever release which was a 7” single on Riot City Records titled Sadist dream. It’s fair to say the word prolific doesn’t get bandied around when it comes to album releases by this group but as it’s been said of No Choice before, “ they plough their own furrow” and it seems, in their own time. So not so hot on the heels of Thru it, their last album release in 2012 comes a brand new one titled “And still some cannot see”. The cover has a puppet in a long coat and a top hat, is it the puppet or the master ? Can you see ? Onto the album itself and the songs within, if you’re a fan of the band you may notice a difference sonically ? A touch more abrasive edge and a more organic feel. Natural venom not just spat out from Gagz but the rhythm section and guitars also,making it a wall of melodies,hooks and beats that only No Choice can muster up though this time ably assisted by Todd at Stompbox Studios, our first venture there for an album recording,hence the different sound and feel and one that we hoped for and got, cheers Todd. Some of the songs and ideas came before Covid though most after, sadly the same government that has seen us through that and other debacles is still in power and yes it’s fair to say they have a mention or two, as does addiction, narcissism, eugenics,, racism, greed, failure and I guess a bit more but sandwiched within that is a heartfelt tribute to the sadly departed and dear friend Mr Gared O’Donnell and the wonderful Planes Mistaken For Stars. The album is dedicated to him. I knew when writing the lyrics of this album, a lot of it being how I see this crumbling divided nation that we call Britain, that I couldn’t find many positives and therefore the album would lack that positive vibe or message, a snippet of which has always been on previous albums of ours though as a mirror of here and now and where we all are, that I guess is to be expected. Before I leave you to digest this album I will tell you that we put our heart and soul into it and we hope you see that there is no bullshit contained within, just us once more doing our thing our way, as we did 40 years ago this year with that first release.