The Band Who's Name Is A Symbol - Cosmic Curios - ON SALE

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The Band Who's Name Is A Symbol - Cosmic Curios - ON SALE

Limited run of 250 copies on black vinyl
First 50 with 4 limited edition A5 prints of guitarist Dave Reford's art.

Cana-duh!...where the men are men, the beer is strong and the scenery rugged. ...with music to match. The psychedelic scene in Canada has flourished of late and at the forefront is The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. A collective of consummate musicians, TBWNIAS have, quite rightly, become firm favourites of psych lovers everywhere. Long, entirely improvised, tracks of crushing krautrock and face melting psych with generous sprinklings of rawk’n’roll are played with skill, dexterity and, most importantly, a genuine love for the music. Being devout music consumers themselves, the music reflects diverse influences - a musical mosaic which crosses many cultural lines drawn in the sand.

It is with some pride then that Weird Beard are proud to release ‘Cosmic Curios’, a collection born from a raid on the huge TBWNIAS archive, the tape is always running, that spans the period of 2009-2016, with all but one track having never been seen on vinyl. Not content with merely kicking serious ass, the record also acts as an aural document of the band’s (nearly) decade of existence.

“Rawk and fuckin’ Roll”

Will ship on or around the 17th November.