• Image of vert:x - from now to now

Limited and numbered run of 250 copies on transparent green and red vinyl

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Armed only with their coruscating guitars, metronomic beats and a hanger full of spacey electronica, vert:x have been traversing the space rock continuum for 10 years , thrilling the various lifeforms they meet on their way with their own unique brand of psychedelic / krautrock / spacepunk meanderings.
Drawing on early Hawkwind, Chrome, The Stooges and the unmistakeable motorik beat s of NEU! as influences, the band’s high adrenalin, visceral sonic attacks have drawn praise from every corner of the known musicverse:
“a perfect answer to life and the universe and everything” (Alive Reports)
“pure acid fuelled driving energy to drift and soar with” (Steve Judd, Unwashed Territories)
“heavy-duty space-freighters drilling a hole through the fabric of time/space reality” (Spacerock Reviews)

After a run of highly sought after, privately pressed CD-Rs and successful collaborations with Fruits de Mer records, and fresh from the ‘Magnetic Seasons’ compilation from Drone Rock records, they are back with ‘From Now To Now’, released by The Weird Beard.


Will ship on or around the 2nd June.

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