Black Tempest - Psyberspace

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Black Tempest - Psyberspace

Limited run of 250 copies on aqua marine with black marbling vinyl (appears black until held up to the light).
First 40 are numbered.

We're very excited to be releasing the first full length vinyl release by Stephen Bradbury's Black Tempest on The Weird Beard.

"Psyberspace is a truly gratifying creative effort" - Terrascope

"This, for me, is Black Tempest’s best album to date" - Psych Insight Music

"My first experience with Steve's music was by way of a full length cd given away with an old issue of Optical Sounds Fanzine which was followed by one of my favourite LPs of the past 10 years in "The Sun Behind The Sun". a collaborative journey was with Manchester UK's brilliant Dead Sea Apes. "Unfolding Light" from 2016 a self released BT album was one of my top albums of 2016. The new record "Psyberspace", released on the UK imprint The Weird Beard is a testament to Bradbury's continual journey through life and his deep explorations of his past, present and thoughts on the future. This new album is cosmic in every sense of the word. There is is a devout sense of krautrock throughout it's entirety, but touches not only the Berlin School approach, but motorik and spacerock as well. Steve knows his shit ! He's a major music "head" and has made that pretty clear with not only this release, but all his past work as well. Honestly, aside from a more tenacious, immediate and updated sound approach, this album would have been a jewel in the crown, had it been released on Germany's SKY record label 40 years ago ! Thank you Mr. Bradbury for this timeless piece of wonderful aural excitement...guest appearances by friends and acquaintances include White Hills Dave White , Brett Savage and Chris Hardman from Dead Sea Apes and other practitioners of sonic craft...."
(John Westhaver - The Band Who's Name is a Symbol, Birdman Sound).

Shipping on or around Friday 12th October.