Beauty Hunters - Animal Magmatism

£16.00 - £30.00
Beauty Hunters - Animal Magmatism

Calling all resistors!
Second LP from the Seattle based sound and image guerrillas Beauty Hunters. For those unaware, Beauty Hunters is the analogue synth side project of Mudhoney’s Guy Maddison also featuring Sean Hollowell (Steel Wool) and Curt Buchberger (Solid Statesmen). Think along the lines of a kosmiche, post punk, John Carpenter soundtrack from the best science fiction film you’ve never seen, and you may just be getting close!

As ever, this release is a limited run of 250 copies with the first 50 copies coming with a highly collectable blotter art rendition of the sleeve artwork. Printed on chlorine free paper with vegetable inks and using an offset lithograph printing press, these are as authentic as you can get.

We also have an extremely limited amount of the first LP; Muscle Memory (Dirty Knobby Records) that we are able to bundle with this at a reduced rate.